23 June 2015

Newsletter 11/2015



Dear Parents and Friends
Here we are at the end of another term - the years really do go faster as you get older!  Your children have worked hard this term on their studies, including our unit on ANZACs and Science.  I hope you enjoyed reading their progress reports and seeing their work during the student-led conferences.  Remember if you would like to meet with a teacher at any time to discuss your child and their education, you can contact the school to make an appointment before or after school at any time.  Your child's education is a partnership between home and school and our teachers appreciate your support for our learning programs.


We have enjoyed many Foundation 2016 transition activities this term, including information sessions, prep classroom experiences, story time and school tours.  Our prep enrolments for 2016 are coming in steadily, but we would like to remind current parents that if you have younger siblings starting next year, PLEASE GET YOUR ENROLMENT FORM IN ASAP.  Enrolments for Kingston schools are due by the first week of August, but the sooner you get them in the better as planning commences during term 3.  If you know of any other families looking to enrol at MPPS in 2016, please also encourage them to get their forms in soon.


Congratulations to all our wonderful students on a fantastic Science Open Day on Monday, and thank you to all the parents, grandparents and family friends that came along to see the wonderful work we have been doing this term.  The school hall has never been so full with so many visitors there to hear our special assembly. Not even troubles with technology could deter our wonderful student presenters who went on with their talks despite the glitch - like true professionals!
From melting ice to shadow figures, science experiments and amazing models - there was evidence of the work we have done through the whole school.  Thank you to the teachers for organising such a wonderful morning and especially to Mrs Grisdale who, as our Curriculum Manager, leads and coordinates these special events.

We are very proud of the way we work as a whole school to learn together about different aspects of the curriculum, and the way this enables us to celebrate our achievements as a whole school through these days.  Next term we look forward to studying "History" across the school.
Special thanks also to our mega-star scientist Ivan who came to school each week to conduct science experiments with students across the school.  Ivan is a scientist at the CSIRO and it is through their support of the "Scientists in Schools" program that we are lucky enough to have Ivan visit our school.


To help celebrate our Science Day, our wonderful PFA and additional volunteers put on a special sausage sizzle lunch for our students. A special thank you to the following parents for their support of this activity:
Wendy Davis, Jodie O'Sullivan, Peter Dixon, Sue Curtis, Fiona Longmuir, Mark Nancarrow, Christine Gill, Eve Kelly, Gavin Morris, Stacey Buchanan and Louise Cook.


This week we farewell Mrs Kate Drummond as she leaves us to have her second baby.  Mrs Drummond has been working in the role of Maths Specialist since returning from having her first son, Harry.  Mrs Drummond brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Maths Specialist role, along with her passion for learning and teaching and understanding of how children learn.  Over this term she has been working with Mr Wilton to pass on the expertise and Mr Wilton will now continue in the role.
Therefore, we welcome Mrs Mary Sampieri into the role of part time year 6 teacher, sharing the grade with Mr Wilton.  This arrangement has been in place for all of term 2 and has been very successful.
It is also welcome back to Mrs McKenna and Mrs Struthers in term 3, who both return after having a term away.  Mrs McKenna will resume her role as Maths Specialist, while Mrs Struthers will return to her prep class in a part time capacity.  Mrs Struthers and Mrs Mackay will be grade sharing the prep class for the remainder of the year.  Once again, I believe this will be a very successful partnership with 2 extremely dedicated and committed teachers looking after our preps in their first year of school.


What a busy term it has been at MPPS, with our students and community involved in all of these exciting activities:
  • Interschool Sport
  • Parkdale SC visit – Year 5/6
  • Tree Planting for the Chook Shed
  • The chooks arrived!
  • John Monash Science School – Little Scientist program (Four Year 5 students)
  • Junior Mayor – school leaders
  • X-Country trials
  • ANZAC activities
  • Scientists in Schools program
  • Visit to Kingston Council – school leaders
  • Fire Ed - Preps
  • Passionate Pursuits
  • Scienceworks excursion – Level 2 and Level 4
  • Taskworks excursion – Foundation
  • Science workshop invisit – Level 3
  • Big Green Schools conference – Green Gang
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Jump Off Day
  • Italian Day
  • District/Division Cross Country
  • St Kilda FC visit – Level 4
  • Interschool Sport
  • Bunnings BBQ
  • Premier’s Active April Challenge
  • ANZAC Service
What a busy term!  I look forward to another wonderful term of learning in term 3.
Kendra Parker




Talking to an Adult

A huge misconception amongst students is about seeking support from an adult. They consider this dobbing, which is exactly what the students demonstrating bullying behaviour are relying upon.
Bullies can continue their reign of terror as long as the victim keeps up the intimidating behaviour towards them, to themselves.
Victims perceive that seeking support from an adult will only make the situation worse and the bullying behaviour will increase.

Victims need to be confident in the adult they speak to and be assured that they will support them in such a way that solves the issue but also repairs and builds relationships amongst all the parties involved (Restorative Practices).
We have moved away from the days where we go on the attack to destroy the bully and make them pay for what they have done. This only reinforces bully behaviour.
Adults need to demonstrate to the victim positive and productive strategies to effectively solve the issue. It is vitally important that the adult also encourages the victim to take control and supports them in their efforts.

Taking on the problem does not assist the victim in effectively dealing with situations like this throughout their life. Bullying can happen anywhere. Positive steps an adult can take to support a victim include:
  • Listen calmly to what they have to say.
  • Discuss what they have done to deal with the problem before they approached an adult.
  • Discuss who else has been affected.
  • Discuss how the bullying situation was encouraged.
  • Encourage positive strategies to deal with the situation.

In the school situation, a responsible adult would discuss the issue with the Assistant Principal or Principal and allow school policies and protocols to be followed, provide feedback to the affected parties and follow up.
The Restorative Practice Philosophy is very effective in supporting this process. It ensures that there are no further ramifications from the bullying incident and encourages the restoring of damaged relationships and promotes a connectedness to all involved.

“How to Support a Victim”

Students will discuss ways in which victims of bullying can be supported and how to prevent ‘bystander apathy.’
  • Let them know what they are doing is bullying.
  • Refuse to join in with their bullying
  • Support any students who have been bullied to stand up for themselves if anyone tries to bully them by reminding them to:
  • Tell them to stop
  • Ignore them
  • Say “No”
  • Ask an adult for support if nothing else works.

We have had excellent feedback regarding the tiqbiz app for communication, recording student absences and accessing school information all from the one place! As time goes on, this will become our main source of digital communication between parents and teachers.
If you have not downloaded it as yet, please follow these instructions:
1. Go to the app store and search for "tiqbiz"
2. Download it (it is free) and type Mentone Park into the search field.
3. Click on whole school and all the classes/subjects that your child is involved with.
- for example, if your child is in 1B you would select: whole school, 1B, Art, P.E., Performing Arts and Italian.
4. When a post is added by school staff, a red circle with a number will appear on the app, this will tell you how many notifications you have.
5. Student Absences can be recorded using tiqbiz. Select Whole School and 'absence'. In 'Absence Form' complete reason for absence and signature. The school will get an instant notification of your child's absence. You will no longer be required to phone the school or send a note.
6. Once all school community members have the app and are confident using it, this will be the main means of communication. Teachers and parents will be able to communicate 1:1 using the app.

Alison Lough


At last we can reveal the details of our parent social event, click here to download the flyer, which will be sent home in a hard copy this week.
Get in quick, as there are a limited number of tickets available.
We are seeking donations for our Parent Social Evening to be held on Friday 7th August 2015 at Seed Cafe, Mordialloc.  
There will be a small number of auction items available as well as a “balloon pop” – pop a balloon and win a prize!
We would be grateful if over the coming week’s, either dining out or just being out and about, if you wouldn’t mind asking the establishment you’re visiting, if they would like to donate to our school function.
We are aiming for between 50 and 100 prizes.


We are proud to announce that the Mentone Park Primary School community raised $310.00 - well done and thank you for your support.
The Raffle winners are:
Judy Maxwell - 1st Prize - A voucher from Lash Loft
Cheryl Nancarrow - 2nd Prize - A beautiful crystal necklace with matching earrings.
Congratulations to both our winners and thank you to everyone who supported our charity efforts.

Anne Leggett.

As it is the last day of term please remember the Kids' Cafe` will be closed tomorrow.


This week at before and after school care we have been having so much fun playing house games and some fun activities inside, all because the weather has been very disliking and cold so in that sense we made sure that the fun does not stop inside and we will continue to smile and laugh.
We also know that Term 2 is coming to an end this week and school holidays can begin, we have a jam packed school holiday programme planned here at Mentone Park OSCH, so if you would like to enrol your children you can go to our website and book them in with the online booking forms.


The Art Smart students have had a wonderful time this term creating artistic masterpieces. From Van Gogh to Autumn celebrations the kids have had an amazing time painting, drawing and sculpting. Plus lots of other amazing art as well!
After school Art Smart is held on Thursdays at Mentone Park any queries please contact Jacqui on 0438013005.   **First class is free**


The end of term is here, please check lost property for any missing items. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of lost property - please look carefully as on the last day of term all illegible and unnamed items will be disposed of.


The Department of Education & Early Childhood Development and Mentone Park Primary School do not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information contained in advertisements or claims made by them.

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