15 October 2015

Newsletter 17/2015


Dear Parents and Friends

Welcome to term 4, I hope you all enjoyed the break from school routines and managed to have some family time together in the 2 weeks. It has been a big crash landing for me after a wonderful 7 weeks away from work, with 6 of those in Europe (2 of which were spent on a ship cruising the Mediterranean!). I had a fantastic time, the highlight of which was attending a family wedding in Turkey – a wonderful 2 days of celebration, starting with a henna night, which was held at the bride's house in a small rural village, with a few hundred people. There was live music, food, dancing and the tradition of painting the bride's hand with henna. The wedding itself was another exciting event – I was especially impressed with the money and gold pinned on the bride! It really was a cultural experience I will never forget.
Welcome back to Mrs Unwin who was also in Europe for 6 weeks, though we didn’t bump into each other once!

What a wonderful start we had to the term too, with the launch of our new Unit of Study “Curiouser and Curiouser”, based on Alice in Wonderland. This is a creative thinking and curiosity unit which is being looked at in many ways across the school, from fairy tales to brain power! Throughout the unit, students will begin to develop the 7 curious characteristics that support learning:
  • Engagement
  • Accepting the unexpected
  • Setting goals – despite uncertainty
  • Being optimistic that we can work things out
  • Building on what we already know
  • Taking time to consider new ideas
  • Persistence
We are all very excited about this term – hopefully you have seen it at home also!


Congratulations to Mrs Searles on another wonderful Art Show on Wednesday night. The school was abuzz with family and friends admiring the creative talents of our students. It was lovely again to have our students perform as well, combing the night into a festival of arts! Our community artists were terrific and we thank them all for coming along and supporting our school. We have seen this part of the Art Show grow over the last few years and hopefully will continue to do so.
A huge thank you also to Robin van den Berg who very generously donated her time to do the catering for the Art Show.


I think most of our community are now on line with the new Tiqbiz app. Did you know you can turn off the notifications if you do not want to be alerted to each new message? Simply go into your phone’s settings and change through the option that allows you to manage your apps. Then you can just check your phone at a time that suits you for any new messages.


On Saturday 10th October we held our first ever school camp out. This terrific event was initiated and run by 3 very enthusiastic year 6 boys - Aaron, Dan and Bailey. They worked for many months to put the details together and gather the support from their parents and friends. The oval looked great with tents pitched around a central area and excited children running around. The boys had organised some activities as well as a movie and night walk. Congratulations to them for showing such initiative! Thank you to the families that supported the event, especially the Harpers, Nancarrows and McKinnons who were willingly "roped" into the event! We hope for this to become an annual community event on the school calendar.

Kendra Parker



This term we have opened up a lunchtime Chill Out Zone – a place for children to have some quiet time away from the yard. In the Chill Out Zone, students can play quiet games, read books, complete drawings or mindfulness colouring sheets, use the puppets, make puzzles and jigsaws or other quiet activities.

To access the chill out zone, students need a cloud pass from their teacher or a yard duty teacher and if they choose, can take a friend along to the Chill Out Zone with them. A teacher is on duty in the Chill Out Zone each day. Students are supported by the teacher to talk through any worries they may have if they wish to.

Ask your child if they have been to the Chill Out Zone yet and to tell you about the activities they enjoyed while in there.


Anxiety in children is a normal part of childhood development. But it’s estimated that 8-22% of children experience anxiety more intensely and more often than other children, stopping them from getting the most out of life. In most cases, anxiety in children and fears in childhood are fairly transient and short-lived. Different anxieties develop at different stages. Infants and young children don’t tend to worry about things. For children to be worried, they have to imagine the future and bad things that might happen in it – this is why worries become more common in children over eight years of age.

Children also worry about different things as they get older. In childhood, they might worry about getting sick or hurt. In older childhood and adolescence, the focus becomes less concrete – for example, they might think a lot about war, economic and political fears, family relationships and so on.

What causes anxiety in children?
Some people are more likely to be anxious because it runs in the family (just like eye colour). People can also learn to think and behave in an anxious way by watching others, or by going through scary experiences. Certain things in a child’s environment might also increase the child’s chances of becoming anxious – for example, if a parent is overprotective of a shy child it might help the child in the short term, but can increase the child’s anxiety overall.

Ways to support your child:
If your child shows signs of anxiety, you can support him in several ways:
· Acknowledge your child’s fear – don’t dismiss or ignore it.
· Gently encourage your child to do things she’s anxious about, but don’t push her to face situations she doesn’t want to face.
· Wait until your child actually gets anxious before you step in to help.
· Praise your child for doing something he’s anxious about, rather than criticising him for being afraid.
· Avoid labelling your child as ‘shy’ or ‘anxious’.

Types of anxiety in children:
Children experience several types of anxiety. A child might have only one type of anxiety, or he/she might show features of several of them.

  • Social anxiety
    • Social anxiety is fear and worry in situations where children have to interact with other people, or be the focus of attention.
  • Separation anxiety
    • Separation anxiety is the fear and worry children experience when they can’t be with their parents or guardians.
  • Generalised anxiety
    • Children with generalised anxiety tend to worry about many areas of life – anything from friends at playgroup to world events.

For more information on these types of anxieties, further ways to support a child who may be suffering from anxiety or places you can go to seek help and support, please visit the following website. Do not hesitate to talk with your child’s GP and teacher if you feel they are affected by anxiety.

Anxiety in Children – Raising Children Network


It has been wonderful to see so many students making such great progress in their learning throughout the year, with student excellence being recognised weekly at assembly by way of the Achievement Awards.

The following photos are of the Achievement Award recipients from the final week of Term 3 (there were two lots in the last week of term due to swimming) and also this week’s recipients. Well done!

Alison Lough


Here is the calendar of events for this term. It will be updated fortnightly.

It was a busy start to the term at Kids' Café last week as the return of pizza proved to be very popular. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out both on Friday and during the week - we couldn't have done it without you! 
This week we have added a limited number of macaroni cheeses to the hot food options so if you wish to order one of these make sure you place your order early via Qkr to avoid missing out. In addition to the banana chocolate chip muffins, raspberry and white chocolate muffins are also available for order this week and we have added the fruit salad cups to the Qkr menu so these can be ordered online as well as purchased over the counter. The frozen Berri Quelch Fruit Sticks will also be available over the counter again this week.
PM & 3/4O are the rostered classes for this Friday. Here is the roster for the rest of the year.

23rd - 1O & 3/4S
30th - 1B & 3/4H
 6th - 2O & 5/6S
13th - 2R & 5D
20th - 1/2U & 6W
27th - prep to 2
4th - grades 3 to 6
11th - clean up - all welcome
If you can spare any time to help out, please come and join us - we'd love to see you.
Many thanks
The Kids Café Team


Dear OSCH Parents,
Welcome back to a new term. We hope you had a fantastic holiday. We had a fabulous set of holidays, with our numbers very high. We went to SuperZu and had a blast of a time just running and playing with our friends. We also did an arts and crafts day where we all used our imaginations and created things from jewelry boxes to spaceships, we even had our birthday bash for our company at YLV at St Mary's Primary, where we played special games and even football training games. Also Antic Andy's comedy show.  But wait, don't forget about our footy day - everything was just football. As you already know  it is term 4 and it is hat and sunscreen season. If you child/ren have their own sunscreen they are more then welcome to bring it to OSCH care. This past 2 weeks we have been having fun playing outside because of the beautiful weather and for the indoors we have been blessed with new dress ups and everyone is enjoying the dress ups and role playing, For the dress ups we do thank the Coroneos family for being so generous and donating them to OSCH

From Anicca and Joannah   


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