12 October 2016

Newsletter 17/2016



Happy holidays!

It does feel a little strange saying ‘welcome back’! The holidays feel like they were quite a while ago now! It has certainly been terrific talking with our students over the course of last week and this about taking my son to the Melbourne Show (and fighting the lines in the Show Bag Arena!), bike riding, and walking my dog.

Morning Tea with the Principal

Over these last two weeks I have enjoyed the pleasure of the company of: 

  • Dimitri 3S; Fraser 2P; Lachy 2P; Luke 2P; Sergei 2P; Mia 2P; Talia 3G; Nathan 5/6L; Declan 5/6R 
  • Tilly PB; Thomas B PB; Manny 1A; Jasmine 1A; Yianni 2P; Julian 5/6L 
  • This week we also enjoyed the company at morning tea of Mr Wilton! 

Production Parent Feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve and would really love to hear parent feedback on our end of Term 3 production. Please look out for our Production Parent Feedback survey that will go out next week. Parent feedback will help us make informed decisions for our production in two years time – feedback on areas such as ticketing, venue, times, costs etc. will be invaluable in ensuring our productions continue to be a huge success! Thank you in advance for spending the 5 – 10 minutes that will be required for you to fill in your thoughts for our production in the future.


Our ‘A-Thon’ for this year will be held on Wednesday 16th November 9am – 11am, with an Olympic/sports theme. We hope to see many parents on the morning supporting their children walking laps at Yabby Park, Glenelg Drive, Mentone! Dress up in the colours of your favourite country or dress up in your favourite sports gear (please wear runners). Information and sponsor cards will be sent home with students on Monday. All money raised will go towards the much needed replacement of our basketball poles and rings.

Transition Day for our 2017 Preps

Today was our first transition day for next year’s preps. Our soon to be prep students and their parents were greeted today by Mrs Struthers, Mrs Bon and Mrs O’Neill. Today our preps enjoyed their first session in a prep classroom, as well as their very first Italian session with Mrs McGavin-Beer. Some children had a slightly shaky start to their first session, yet quickly became more confident in their new surroundings and settled in beautifully! Well done to everyone – including children and parents! Parents participated in our Literacy At Home parent session run by Jo Bon whilst their children were enjoying their ‘first’ day at school. At the conclusion of both sessions we saw lots of happy faces all round – a terrific success for all!

Students transferring to other schools in 2017

Every year some children transfer to other schools (excluding graduates from Grade 6). In order to assist us with our forward planning, we need to have this information as soon as possible. Please collect a Student Transfer Form from the school office and return it ASAP if your child/ren will be or are likely to be transferring to another school next year.

2017 Booklist and Fee Structure

On Monday our 2017 Booklist and Fee Structure will be sent home with students. Information sent home will include each individual student’s booklist stationary items, costs of the booklist and structure of the 2017 fees, information in regards to parents who may experience financial hardship, payment and order timelines.

Parents will notice some changes to next year’s parent payments. One of these changes includes moving from parents paying one excursion levy at the start of the year, to paying for all excursions, incursions, camps, swimming etc on a term-by-term basis. One reason for this change is to comply with the 2017 parent payment guidelines. To enable parents to forward plan for term-by-term costs an approximate incursion/excursion guide will be included in the information sent home. In 2017 parents will be sent an invoice at the start of each term for exact amounts of each educational experience for that term. There are many positives for this change for parents, one of these being holidaying families will not have to pay for educational experiences their children are not present for, and it also spreads out costs throughout the year. There can certainly be an option for parents who may prefer to pay in bulk at the start of the year – and if you would prefer this option please feel free to talk to the office about this on payment of your child’s booklist.

Meeting the needs of the future for our children
As computer technology becomes increasingly embedded across many aspects of life, business and industry, digital proficiency is seen as a vital "foundational skill" upon which the jobs of the future will depend. By utilising ICT as teaching and learning tools in schools from an early age, it is widely believed that children will acquire the skills necessary to create, design and adapt technology to meet future requirements as well as unlock talent to address the "skills gap" that already exists between the growing number of technology jobs available and the people qualified to fill them.

At Mentone Park PS we are keenly aware and focused on our need as a school to build and develop our whole school ICT infrastructure, ICT devices, and use of ICT as learning tools enabling our students to be learners of and for the future. We are excited with our work in the later part of this year, and early next year, in developing and starting to action a forward thinking plan for developing this area within our school. It is for this reason that within our 2017 fee structure you will see an option for parents to make a Voluntary Financial Contribution towards our ICT budget to assist us in building a school that equips our children with ICT experiences that support their futures.

Safe, engaging, fun and creative school grounds
Mentone Park PS is also keen to maintain and further develop our school grounds to ensure a safe, engaging, fun and creative school ground for all of our students. It is for this reason that parents will also see that our 2017 fee structure also enables parents to make a Voluntary Financial Contribution towards our Grounds and Maintenance school budget.

Art Show at Parkdale Secondary College

Tonight (Thursday 13th October) Parkdale Secondary College’s Art Department have an art show exhibition from 7pm. Schools within our network were asked to enter 5 student’s art pieces for the show’s theme ‘Eyes’. Our students were given ‘eyes’ and the task of turning these eyes into a living creature, either real or imaginary. Congratulations to the following students from Grade 4: Edward, Katarina, Andjelka and Billy and Daisy from Grade 6 whose artwork was selected to enter the show. Watch out in our main building corridor for ‘eyes’ as Mrs Searles pops up more of our student’s fantastic work for display.

Building Works Update

Our builders worked right through the school holiday period on all areas of our building works, things are coming along nicely. A few photos were posted on Facebook yesterday, with a few more coming next week. More structure has been erected in the classroom learning area in the development of our new learning spaces. The prep pit has been covered up with new flooring going in today as I write this. Our main toilets are also coming along nicely with plastering finished and painting starting next week. It is going to be no-time before we have some finished areas! 

Acacia Kindergarten Information

I just thought I would add a quick update on the Acacia Kindergarten grant proposal by Kingston Council. To date Kingston Council are still waiting on hearing back from the Department as to whether the grant submission has been successful. Local Council is still hopeful they will hear news before the end of the school year. So we still wait patiently at this stage – certainly as soon as we hear anything we will be in touch with our community about the outcome and make plans about our future consultation methods.


School Communication - Closed Facebook Group 

Last term I talked about the different ways in which we can communicate as a school community. This included the various platforms we have available for communication and sharing of information and their main purpose or function. Some of these main platforms include: tiqbiz, email, facebook, and face-to-face meetings (formal or informal).

I mentioned that we would be setting up a closed Facebook group in order for the parent community to initiate or participate in discussions around school matters and ideas. This would not be open to the public (as our current Facebook page is). Our current Facebook page is a fantastic way for us to share and showcase what is happening in our school, whereas the closed Facebook group will be for the sharing of ideas, thoughts or feedback where parents can engage in conversations.

There will be guidelines around the use of this communication forum:

1. Only current members of the school community (parents/guardians and staff) will be allowed to join the group. I will be the administrator of the page and will approve any parents or staff who request to join.

2. Any comments that are abusive, argumentative or would bring Mentone Park Primary School into disrepute will be immediately deleted and membership revoked.

3. Personal views must not imply endorsement by Mentone Park Primary School nor undermine school-based decisions. Any such comments will be deleted.

4. Mentone Park Primary School’s Values of teamwork, integrity, excellence and respect must be upheld at all times.

Tips and hints when using social media

Always pause and think before posting. If you're about to publish something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, take a minute to review the guidelines and try to figure out what's bothering you, then decide whether it would be better to make an appointment with one of the school leadership team to discuss the matter. Ultimately, what you publish is yours - as is the responsibility.

Be engaged and be informed. Read the contributions of others. Know what the current conversations are and what people are saying in order to see if, and how, you may be able to contribute a new perspective.

Aim for quality, not quantity. Offer your contribution with context whenever you can. Provide links to other blogs, media articles or whatever sources you think are necessary. 

You can join our closed facebook group by logging into facebook and searching for: 
Mentone Park Primary School Community Forum
Click on join, and the administrator will be sent a request and once verified as a current community member, the request will be accepted and you can begin enjoying posting your ideas and conversing with other community members. 


Congratulations to our achievement award winners from the last week of Term 3 and the first week of Term 4:

Aussies of the Month - September!

Congratulations to our Junior and Senior Aussie's of the Month for September - Julian and Natsumi

Alison Lough

Assistant Principal


Science in the Spotlight

The Scientists in Schools program aims to promote science in schools, engage and motivate students in their learning of science and broaden awareness of the types of careers available in the sciences.  

We are pleased to announce that we have organised a new partnership with Dr Katie Date.  To begin our partnership Katie will be working with some of the Junior students this year.

Sue Grisdale


We are looking for parents with a current Working With Children Check to assist at our House Sports Day and in Kids Cafe on Friday 9th December.
Please specify HOUSE SPORTS DAY and nominate either Kids Café or Event and Time AM / PM.


Year 5 & 6 Sports Tops are now available in store Retail Price $44.95



Dear Parents,

Below is the class roster for the rest of the school year.
Please click here to volunteer for any of the dates below.


The Kids’ Cafe Team

Term 4

Oct 7th 3G
14th 4H
21st 4W
28th 5/6L
Nov 4th 5/6R
11th 5/6S
18th all Preps & Grade 1
25th all grades 2 & 3

Dec 2nd all Grades 4, 5 & 6
9th cleaning - all welcome

Working With Children Check Reminder

All parents/guardians, visitors & volunteers to the school MUST sign in & out of the school and display their WWCC in a lanyard, which is available at the school office.

The Department of Education requires any person involved in an activity where children may be present to have a current WWCC or have supplied proof that they have applied for a WWCC with the Department of Justice. All schools are required to comply with the Working with Children Act 2005.

Volunteers are expected to carry the WWCC card on their person at all times when working or volunteering at the school or during school related activities.

There is no fee for this check. Apply now by visiting:

The Department of Education & Early Childhood Development and Mentone Park Primary School do not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information contained in advertisements or claims made by them.

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